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Digital HUB Academy

Safety first!

Dear Digital Hub Academy students,


Considering the pandemic context, taking into account the persistence of an increased number of infected persons on the national territory, as well as the daily appearance of new cases of infected persons and the official information released by the competent bodies of the Romanian state, the academic board decided the following starting November 9th:


  • Students will take all the theoretical courses online;
  • The schedule will be updated and all students have the responsibility to check it daily in case there are changes. The zoom link will be uploaded on e campus in the course section;
  • Attendance requirements remain the same, 85% of each unit; assessments will follow the same indications as stipulated in the Unit Handbook.


We have decided the above to ensure you of our complete and high consideration for your safety and well-being. We fully guarantee that the quality of the academic set of knowledge, skills and abilities transferred this way will be equally consistent compared to what has been delivered so far on site.


We will revert to the hybrid or fully on site academic teaching as soon as the authorities allow it.


Stay safe so that we can meet again as soon as possible!

Business Developer for Digital Hub Academy