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What is Digital Hub Academy?

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Digital Hub Academy (DHA) is an educational institution in Brasov that offers a British Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree program with a focus on Digital Marketing Management.

We offer to those who aspire to excel in this field a combination of up-to-date theoretical knowledge, applied on-site practical knowledge and work experience through our modern curriculum and work immersion program.
By successfully developing our students both personally and professionally, and offering them the opportunity to gather relevant work experience in digital marketing during their academic years, doors will always open for them all around the digital world.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an environment that would help people discover and achieve their true potential through education. Applied skills training in Digital Marketing alongside an international perspective is what sets DHA apart from traditional higher education institutions. This is achieved through blending academic rigour with professional training and cultural diversity awareness, all in a culture of continuous learning, experiencing, creating and growing.

Value Propositions

You can now enroll in the first and only BA program in Digital Marketing Management in Romania.

Study using course content that is both industry oriented and academically validated.

Learn through practice from our selection of industry experts and international lecturers.

Study in a modern co-learning space, which stimulates your creativity and productivity.

Gain over 2 years of relevant work experience through work opportunities before you graduate.

Benefit from various discounts, affordable installments, scholarships and student loans.

Add clarity to your path and build confidence with the help of our career counsellors!

Learn everything related to digital marketing in the universal industry language – English!


Who owns DHA?

Digital Hub Academy is part of AMERICAN EUROPEAN EDUCATION (AEE) which is a not for profit organization whose main goal is to advance professionally – oriented education and applied skills training in accordance to EU and US best practices and quality standards.
AEE has been founded in 2012 in Brasov, Romania and currently includes four schools: Digital Hub Academy, American Hotel Academy, TASTE Culinary Business Academy and Manhattan Studies Institute in two locations: Brasov, Romania and New York, USA.
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