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Because of the pandemic situation, the Academics department has adopted a series of precautions regarding the 2021 - 2022 academic year. Our main goal for the 2021 - 2022 academic year is to revert to teaching onsite taking into consideration all the sanitary and safety measures and following the authorities' stipulation of the moment.

Plan ahead your year!

You have made plans for the following academic year? So have we, so you should not fear any sudden changes! Everything will be announced well in advance in case of any adjustments to the schedule.

Dear Digital Hub Academy students and applicants,


Considering the pandemic context, taking into account the third wave of the COVID 19 infections on the national territory, as well as the daily appearance of new cases of infected persons and the official information released by the competent bodies of the Romanian state, the academic board decided the following starting April 1, 2021:


  • All academic staff has been vaccinated and ready to work.
  • The Academic Operations Department offers support in the COVID19 vaccination process by mediating the requesting students’ vaccination appointments,.
  • All students have concluded their current year of studies, including retakes.
  • Students have been potentially appointed to their internship place and ready to deploy.
  • The school will be open for the summer and staff will be actively working in the office, so that you are welcome to visit us in person, if chosen.


We continue to ensure you of our complete and high consideration for your safety and well-being and maintain all the hygiene and safety measures.


Starting the academic year 2021 – 2022, we will revert to teaching on site, or follow the authorities’ stipulation of the moment.


Stay safe so that we can meet in September!


Study safely

Less worries about studying onsite. We do our best to implement a strong set of safety regulations that include anything from distancing to temperature taking, creating the safest place you can study in during these trying times.