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2021 Start Dates

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2021 Start Dates
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Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management

Start Date: September 27th

Application Deadline
EU: September 16th

Turn your passion into your dream career

The digital marketing world is made up of those individuals who are passionate about finding digital marketing solutions and would like to build a career around this passion. You must dedicate yourself to learning how to apply specific tools and concepts essential for your future career, create unique strategies, as well as be aware of the latest digital trends.

Digital marketing is so much more than just Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Allow us to share our love for the digital world with you and show you how to turn your passion in your day to day job!



On-site classes to resume in September 2021

We strongly believe that by September, all our efforts to create a safe learning environment will pay off - through vaccination we will reach herd immunity and we will be able to see each other again, on campus. And we are continuously fighting for what we BELIEVE in!

Is this the most suitable career for you?

Everyone believes they could be a digital professional, but there is more than meets the eye in this ever-changing world of digital marketing. Do you have what it takes?

Digital marketing enthusiast

Are you passionate about learning and applying digital marketing tools and theoretical concepts to real life situations? Your future career will be based on this and in order to differentiate yourself you need to know more, learn more and do more than the average digital marketing professional.

Business focused

If you know your way around numbers, like to do business, keep track of earnings and communicate with customers, then you will enjoy the essential business aspect of the digital marketing experience.

Organizationally skilled

To have a successful career in digital marketing management, you should have an interest in planning, organizing and leading. In such a dynamic environment as the digital marketing world, organization is key and sometimes could be a differentiating factor between you and other digital marketing enthusiasts.

Interpersonally skilled and customer oriented

It is important for a successful digital marketing professional to be able to communicate and understand people, since being part of a team, leading a team and communicating with customers are a guarantee in your future.

Multiculturally oriented

Digital marketing is such a modern and dynamic workplace that it is very common for professionals to encounter people from various cultural backgrounds during their career, to whom it is important to be open and receptive, understanding the strengths and values of each individual in a team.

Motivated, energetic and passionate

In order to perform well in this fast-paced and constantly changing industry, current and future professionals should find pleasure and passion in what they do and be ready to learn from every experience.


Discover Brasov

Study in one of the most famous and authentic cities in Romania, blending its medieval atmosphere and natural wonders with breathtaking activities and nightlife.