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Progressive study

Work your way up from learning the most basic digital techniques and concepts to advanced marketing, business and management principles.
Do you dream of becoming a successful digital marketing professional, either if that means a SEO Manager, Social Media Specialist, Content Marketer or similar?
Take a look at the fundamental steps you will take in order to grow professionally and fulfill your dreams @DHA!

Follow your passion

You love everything digital-related and want to nurture your passion for this industry. That’s the moment you decide to enroll at Digital Hub Academy and secure the success of your future career!

Start your 1st year @DHA

Begin developing your skills and knowledge, learn how to create a professional CV or how to ace a job interview. It’s the year you start building your personal branding and gain the first working experience in digital marketing.

Start your work immersion

Apply the knowledge gained during the first academic year and improve your skills while gaining exposure to work immersion opportunities: projects, volunteering, internships and others.

Start your 2nd academic year @DHA

Keep growing! Develop more advanced digital knowledge, while also exploring the different branches in the Digital Marketing field! Continue gaining work experience from hands on projects that you can do inside the academy, working part-time or as a freelancer.

Go on an internship or start your first job

Improve your skills and Career Portfolio while gaining valuable work experience in digital companies in Romania, Europe or US, online or onsite, in an Advertising Company, Digital Marketing department or as a freelancer! Create a network of professional acquaintances and get further accustomed to the work environment.

Complete your 3rd year @DHA and graduate

Complete your Bachelor studies and prepare your final Digital Marketing Project to illustrate your acquired skills and knowledge from the past years! Also, make sure you are ready to take the industry by storm by exploring your ‘after graduation’ options thoroughly.


Jumpstart your career

Secure your career path by gaining the theoretical and practical knowledge that top employers are looking for.