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Welcome Employers!

As a business owner you wear multiple hats. Don’t get bogged down with marketing tasks that a student marketer would be keen to do. Get an apprentice and get more done. Choose from fully trained marketing apprentices ready to help your business endeavor grow.

Why Choose Our Students?

Our Students

Our students are prepared to jump into the ever-changing field of digital marketing. We aim to combine theory and practical application in order to bridge the talent gap in the industry. By helping our students learn and hone the skills required to succeed, you will find professionals in the making that will deliver the moment they sit down in front of your company laptop.


Having international interns is beneficial to every employer because of the challenges they face due to the cross-cultural experience. Managing this experience along with the daily challenges of the job are the makings of a true professional that will be able to tackle whatever is headed their way. Moreover, they can offer a fresh perspective on whatever project you assign them to. Great things come from more than one mind and if you have a set of culturally diverse minds creativity will always be maximized.

How Useful Is What They’re Taught?


All our instructors are industry professionals with over 10 years of experience. Therefore, students learn first-hand what already works in the industry. Students are also put into real-life situations where they work on projects given by our partner companies. This enables them to experience the industry first-hand and sets them up with a pragmatic mindset.

Career Coaching

Moreover, we help each of our students in planning their career path. Students set their short, mid and long-term goals, which will motivate them in their career.

Candidate’s General Profile

Professional Education

Student has the required know-how to understand, plan and implement marketing strategies for business growth regardless whether its brand, customer acquisition or revenue.


Applying the “learning the rules to know how to break them” mindset, alongwith effort and growth through failure, creativity is constantly encouraged for students.

Technical knowledge

Always on top of the constant changes for the tools and their technical requirements.

Cultural diversity

Cultural background that will help with out-of-the-box thinking, different perspectives.


Has a clear set of goals to achieve which motivates professional performance.

Get in Touch

Feel free to call or email us about your talent needs. We will be happy to further detail the profile of our international students and setup an application process as soon as you feel ready to start recruiting. Digital Hub Academy does not charge any fees to employers.