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EU nationals




1st Year


2nd Year


3rd Year

Rates valid for the 2021 start date.
The tuition fee is charged in eight equal monthly installments.
Please also see the study loan option and our discount policy.

Benefit from our progressive tuition structure and balance your costs throughout your academic years!

progressive Our progressive cost structure is the best way to balance your costs throughout the years!

Progressive cost structure

Instead of paying an even fee each year, we decided that is would be easier for students to access our program if we moved some of the financial weight from the first year to the third one. This way, it would be far easier for students to enroll into the first year of our program, while the other years can be financially managed much easier by any student with the help of the earnings obtained during the work opportunities they chose.

The tuition fees include:


Laboratory supplies;

Orientation session;

Course materials in electronic format;

Academic & professional assistance;

Research mentor;

Industry guest lecturers;

Academic documents;

Unlimited access to the library;

Graduation ceremony.

The tuition fees do not include:


International / domestic travel expenses;

Immigration related issues;

Any other related expenses.