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Internships are designed to provide students with a guided introduction to the professional working world of digital marketing. All students are eligible for an internship and can learn more on how to access one by talking to the Career Counsellors in the Career Development Office.

What does an internship do?

  • It enhances your academic knowledge with field experience, related to your own career interest, in a variety of settings.
  • It blends learning with working.
  • It takes the skills that you have acquired and puts them into practice.
  • It develops new skills and knowledge.
  • It helps you move to the next career step and grow professionally.
  • You can choose from a variety of internship opportunities depending also on your own skills and abilities.

Internship facts

  • It takes place in the world’s most dynamic digital hubs around Europe and USA.
  • All internships provided by the academy are paid internships.
  • Usually host companies offer stipend, meals and accommodation, hands-on training and certificates of completion or recommendation letters.
  • Students will work 35+ hours per week.
  • The academy closely monitors all ongoing internships.
  • Students will build new skills, travel, have fun, meet people from different cultures and earn their own money.

Internship structure

There are two main internship sessions that each student needs to complete during their stay at Digital Hub Academy. Apart from these, each student is free to further enhance their working experience if it doesn’t interfere with the study schedule.


  • 1st Internship: 4 – 5 months between the first and the second academic year
  • 2nd Internship: 4 – 12 months between the second and the third academic year.

Travel the World

Grow as a person and create lifelong memories by travelling and working abroad, living on your own, meeting new people and cultures, making friends - all this while having the time of your life!

What is so special about these 'internships'?

You gain 16 months of paid international work experience before you graduate, greatly increasing your skills and employability.

You have the guarantee of a quality practical experience that you can add to your resume by working in well-known startups and firms in NYC.

With the international work experience you gain so early in your career, you build the confidence needed to find and negotiate the best job offers.

You get to create relationships while working, building an extensive international business network that constantly brings new opportunities.

Combined with the guidance that our Career Development Services offer, they help you discover, map out and plan a career path to sucess.


Career Office

Our dedicated Career Development team in the Career Office can give you the tools you need to explore career paths or advice when choosing your next career step.

Diana Constantinescu

Career Counsellor

Cristina Dumitriu

Career Counsellor