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Ana Leah

Ana Leah

Psychologist, Trainer, Coach

Ana Leah has a degree in Clinical Psychology and she is a licensed Psychological Counsellor, trained in the Romanian Society of Experiential Psychotherapy (SPER), Trainer and NLP Coach.


Ana has 10+ years of experience in developing and providing individual and group counselling services, career coaching, personal development trainings and vocational guidance. She works with teenagers, students and graduates but also with anyone who is in a difficulty or at a crossroad. Ana is here to help people to clarify, to feel understood, to face their joys and sorrows, to discover their resources and potential that they are capable of and to find their way. Her mission is to accompany people in optimizing their lives, the relationships they build, the work they do, and to become the best version of them.


Ana believes in the power of will, the search for meaning in life and the resilience of the human spirit, vitality, the quality of our relationships and in the inner strength of people.