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It's always hard to pick a career path. With the rise of digitalisation across all industries (even in your personal lives) and the rise in numbers of digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads and digital influencers, due to the attractive nature of the industry, more and more people are considering a digital marketing career. But is it really for you?

Test your limits

Do you want to become a digital marketer within companies all around the world, a digital nomad living their dream while travelling the world, a succesful entrepreneur or even a big digital influencer? You could become any of them, and so much more. Your career starts here!

What are the most valued skills in the industry?

By being in such a dynamic and diverse field, the most valuable skills for the digital marketing industry that you can have and work on are:

Content creation and improvement

Critical thinking and analysis

Communication skills

Organizing & planning skills

What are the most valued abilities in the industry?

Also, the most valuable abilities you can have and develop are:

Creative thinking & problem solving




If you check any of these boxes already, you are one degree away from being on the most wanted list for employers in the industry. If not, don’t worry - by the time you graduate, you would have had plenty of time and opportunities to work on them.

Start with the basics

Don’t feel insecure about your knowledge - our curriculum and classes start from the basic concepts and techniques required in this industry!

Is this the most suitable career for you?

Everyone believes they could be a digital marketing professional, but there is more than meets the eye in this ever-changing world of the digital marketing industry. Do you have what it takes?

Digital marketing enthusiast

Are you passionate about learning and applying digital marketing tools and theoretical concepts to real life situations? Your future career will be based on this and in order to differentiate yourself you need to know more, learn more and do more than the average digital marketing professional.

Business focused

If you know your way around numbers, like to do business, keep track of earnings and communicate with customers, then you will enjoy the essential business aspect of the digital marketing experience.

Organizationally skilled

To have a successful career in digital marketing management, you should have an interest in planning, organizing and leading. In such a dynamic environment as the digital marketing world, organization is key and sometimes could be a differentiating factor between you and other digital marketing enthusiasts.

Interpersonally skilled and customer oriented

It is important for a successful digital marketing professional to be able to communicate and understand people, since being part of a team, leading a team and communicating with customers are a guarantee in your future.

Multiculturally oriented

Digital marketing is such a modern and dynamic workplace that it is very common for professionals to encounter people from various cultural backgrounds during their career, to whom it is important to be open and receptive, understanding the strengths and values of each individual in a team.

Motivated, energetic and passionate

In order to perform well in this fast-paced and constantly changing industry, current and future professionals should find pleasure and passion in what they do and be ready to learn from every experience.


From passion to profession

Become a respected digital marketing professional by improving your skills to the level where you provide customers with lifechanging results.

What should you expect?

Find out if you have what it takes. Here is the whole, uncensored truth that you will learn to live with:

Great Things

Working from home is a common option in the industry.
Industry opportunities are well-paid and future-proof.
There are no limits to how much you can learn and grow.
Due to the diverse jobs that exist in the industry, you can develop numerous different skills.
Most jobs offer freedom for creative expression.
One of the best industries to work in as a freelancer.
The industry and its required practices constantly evolve, so things never get boring.
The industry uses regular work schedules, allowing good work-life balance.
Opening a business in the industry is far cheaper than most other industries.


Keeping up with trends and practices might prove a constant challenge.
There is no fixed formula for success in the industry.
Learning practical skills at a professional level takes time.
In some areas of the industry there is a high competition on the job market.
The dynamic of the industry might prove stressful sometimes.
There will be times when you will not see the end result of your work and efforts.
Tech dependent industry – constant need for quality devices, software licenses and quality internet.
Working from an office for a long time and without proper precautions may lead to eye and back problems.
You need to be aware of security and privacy issues related to your area of activity.