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What is Digital Marketing?

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Traditionally, marketing can be simplified to promoting and selling products and services and is often associated with research and advertising as well. Across time, marketing went from print to radio, to telephones and television, which are still around today and still very powerful. Even so, nowadays we have access to the wildest, most beautiful communication channel yet – the internet.

Have you ever seen an ad on Facebook that made you buy something? Or maybe an e-mail about a sale for some clothes that you liked or cheap airplane tickets to some destination? Maybe a video recommendation or ad on Youtube that helped you choose what laptop or phone to buy? What about that influencer who convinced you to buy a product or service? That’s it. That’s Digital Marketing. And it’s carefully made by the smart digital marketers that work behind the curtains.

Think about it – new technologies and online platforms are being created constantly, which means that digital marketers don’t have to worry about not having a job now or in the future – there will always be companies that need more and more of them.

All of these current and future technologies and platforms also mean that there are many, many different jobs that one could fill in – both online and offline. This gives digital marketers the freedom to explore and find something that they really enjoy doing and then growing, getting promoted and earning (a lot) more – even from home. Sounds good? Then becoming a digital marketer might just be that perfect career that you’ve been looking for.



What kind of jobs are out there for a digital marketer? Do they pay well?

Here are a few examples:

Why should you get a Degree in Digital Marketing?

Here is the simple answer:

Due to being a highly technical field, Digital Marketing involves usage of software and tech and often requires analytical skills, research capabilities and management skills in order to succeed.

Why should you study at Digital Hub Academy?

Our educational package was developed and perfected by industry experts to provide our students with the tools and knowledge to enter with confidence into the Digital Marketing world, prepare them for after-graduation employment and give them an advantage over their competition.

Upon graduation you will have the following:

✓  A high quality British Bachelor Degree

✓  A package of up-to-date knowledge that is relevant and has real-life applications

✓  A next-level applied educational experience through our online Digital Marketing Project at the end of the 3rd academic year

✓  up to 2 years of real work experience, online or offline, in known companies with our work immersion program (with the possibility of employment after graduation)

✓  Experience in learning and working in a co-working space

✓  Continued after-graduation support from the academy in the form of online professional counselling and aid

✓  Continued access to our network of employers and partnered companies

✓  A network of colleagues, industry professionals and employers built over the academic years

We are confident that this complete package prepares our students for their future Digital Marketing careers by providing them with the perfect tools needed to turn the opportunities before them into successes.

Want to learn more about how our programme works?

Here are the core aspects:

We have everything covered for you from application process, to the academic experience, to professional experience. Feel free to discover it for yourself.


Need more information?

If you want to learn more about what our academy has to offer feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to answer your questions!