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Work Immersion
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What is 'work immersion'?

“Work immersion” is a key feature in the DHA curriculum which involves hands-on experience or work simulation in which students can apply their competencies and acquired knowledge relevant to their track. Through work immersion, the students are exposed to and become familiarized with work environment related to their field of specialization.

The work immersion is part of the DHA Curriculum that consists of 80 hours of hands-on experience which the students will have to undergo to expose them to the actual workplace setting and enrich the competencies provided by the school.


Work your way up

Make the most of your student years and use them as stepping stones for your future career! Experience the industry first-hand and face new challenges, be part of a new family, make new friends and have fun while doing so.

How does the 'work immersion' actually work?

The below scheme outlines the kind of work immersion the students can do during each year and the outcomes of the work immersion programs after each year and upon graduation.

1st year overview

What students do in terms of work immersion: School starts with career prep and assigned courses.


Work immersion opportunities available to students:

  • School projects
  • Internships
  • Training sessions
  • Apprenticeship at the DHA Agency
  • Volunteering


The minimum required work immersion period is made of 80 hours experience during May and September.

What students achieve at the end of each year: Minimum of 80 hours of hands-on experience.


Students can become more skilled in a specific specialization of the digital marketing and continue working on projects.


Career Portfolio is made and a minimum of 4 projects are showcased in the Portfolio.


The possibility to apply for paid jobs during their 2nd academic year.

2nd year overview

What students do in terms of work immersion: Present internship / job offers available.


Organize host company presentations and recruitment sessions.


Students can apply for paid jobs and/or 1-year internship in the USA.


The minimum required work immersion period is made of 3 months work experience during May and September.

What students achieve at the end of each year: Students have < 2 years of relevant work experience in their CVs.


The available jobs / internships could be in position such as: digital marketing assistant, junior digital marketing specialist, junior marketing executive etc.


Career Portfolio is enhanced, as well as employment options.

3rd year overview

What students do in terms of work immersion: Students can continue working during the final year of studies, by their own choice.


Students can easily access entry level positions in digital marketing based on their Career Portfolio.


Work and study during this year.

What students achieve at the end of each year: Have a job they like and be on a chosen career path.


Have a Career Portfolio with all their work during the studies.


Be able to access graduate programs.


Be able to access jobs at career level – mid-level (2-5 years).


Become entrepreneurs in digital marketing.

The results of the work immersion (finalized projects, recommendation letters from clients and employers, awards) are showcased in the students’ Career Portfolios which is a vital aspect of the students’ career development.

Ultimately, the students’ Career Portfolio shows what the student can do and helps them secure after graduation jobs.



AcadeMynd is our own Digital Marketing agency where our students can start gaining work experience starting with their first academic year - a massive advantage after they graduate.

Why AcadeMynd?

Here is why AcadeMynd is so important for students:

Work for real projects involving real customers as part of your curriculum!


Work with your lecturers and apply all the knowledge learned in class!


Get a grip on how things are run in a digital marketing agency first-hand!


Career office

Add clarity to your path with our Career Coaching services. Our Career Office helps all students feel more secure on their level of knowledge by avoiding professional abandonment and providing clear step-by-step instructions to achieve their career goals.
The academy identifies opportunities for work immersion together with strategic industry partners through the Career Office. The team in the Career Office supports the students all through their journey with DHA. Students are fully supported by the academy’s dedicated Career Office team to:

Prepare to apply for work opportunities with CV and interviews preparation seminars;

Be informed regarding the work immersion opportunities ;

Identify the most suitable type of work immersion;

Finalize projects and trainings / internships;

Choose the best career track in the digital marketing field.

Create and fill in the professional Career Portfolio;

Mrs. Ana Leah

If you need counselling, please contact:

0268 455 401